Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spell Check

Ok who invented Spell check??? I am thinking this person is brilliant! If you type constantly as we do - Spell check is a godsend! I like to think that I am a decent speller - mainly because growing up my dad was a horrible speller and he would always ask me how to spell words- I made it my mission to give him the correct spelling on every word he asked! Anyway on to Spell check even if you are the perfect speller - it can't hurt to use it we are human and do make simple mistakes! Here are a few of my personal favorite spelling errors that I actually have seen people make!
Not only spelling errors but using the wrong spelling for the context. Example: It's vs. its, their vs. there, hear vs. here, breaks vs. brakes, our vs. are, thyme vs. time, weather vs. whether, to vs. too!

Incorrect Correct

definately definitely
tomarrow tomorrow
collage college
reeding reading
wether whether
originel original
wich which
samwich sandwich

any word missing the G in the ing - doin, goin, missin URGGGGG

ok so now you have it - my pet peeve! If we EVER spell a word wrong in our post please please please tell us! :) THANKS!

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