Thursday, June 17, 2010


Tons of Americans want to start their own business. Women are on top of that list. We have different motivators for starting our own businesses. We tend to have two major reasons:
1) To provide a life we love for our families
2) To give back to the world around us.

We are leaving or trying to leave traditional jobs for the freedom and flexibility of working when and where we want to, around our family and personal lives. In fact, Moms have taken the business world by storm over the past 10 years, the mompreneur. What is a mompreneur? A quick Google search defines it as a female business owner who is working to balance the roles of both “mom” and “entrepreneur”.

Whether you are an entrepreneur our not, the majority of women list their family as the number one reason why they started (or are looking to start) their own business.

Here’s the funny part: our number one reason for starting a business is also our number one excuse when things don’t go as we plan. The puzzling paradox is understandable and any working mom can identify, but if we really want to do this and live a life we love, we must believe that it’s possible! Secondly, we to establish a defined strategy that we can stick to!

Women want freedom, security, love, joy, and appreciation. We want to make a difference, and we want to provide an incredible life for our families. We understand that there is no quick scheme to being successful and it takes hard work and perseverance. I am going to a workshop in July and will be back on this subject then... if you are interested in learning more send us an email!!!

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