Thursday, May 27, 2010


We decided that it was time to come up with our own place to chat, toss ideas around, and have fun with this blogging thing! We are working moms with purpose, drive and determination! Being a working mother is a balancing act and we haven’t perfected it but we are on our way to being the best that we can be! Please join in our fun!!!! We promise to at the very least make it interesting! We also love feedback so please help us with that too! We want to know what you are thinking and if there might be any topic’s you want to know more about we will do the research, so let us know! One of the other reason’s we wanted to do this blog is to reach out to other moms and share shopping secrets and sales! So stay tuned! We are professional shoppers! We will also do some talking about our toddlers and teens! LOTS to cover so make sure to check back everyday!

We look forward to being a small part of your day and promise to make you smile!

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